Air Plants & Bohemia

Part of my untangling process was to establish a business that allowed me to tap into my creative nature and inspire others to pursue their artful passions. Untangled became a creative collective of air plants and bohemia.

Air plants and succulents became a natural mascot for the Untangled movement, due to their quirky nature and overall ease of care. They're an inspiration for people who wish to live a self-sustaining, authentic life. I have fallen for the simplicity of the plants: their low maintenance nature and willingness to thrive in a variety of situations. Each masterpiece is as unique as the plant itself: living art.

Bohemia is characterized as an artful, unconventional way of life. The art, jewelry, accessories, and decor in the Untangled Collective are meant to inspire creativity: make beauty for spaces and space for beauty.


Air Plant Care

So you've got yourself an air what?

Air plants, or tillandsia, don't require soil, making them very easy to care for. All they really need is some bright, indirect light (artificial light is fine) and the occasional drink. We're pretty convinced talking to them helps.

To water your plants, you can either mist (fine mist sprayers are the best!) every 2-3 days, or soak, fully submerged, once every 10-14 days. The bath can last anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on how thirsty your little guy is.

In general, the brighter the light, the more you'll want to water. So if you've placed your plant directly in a window, plan to water a bit more frequently. If it's in a darker corner with only artificial light, you might be able to spread out the soakings.

Once you've watered your plant, make sure it is completely dry before placing it back in any container. We like drying ours sideways or upside down to ensure the water runs away from the root base as quickly as possible.

We're fascinated by the low maintenance, quirky nature of these plants; but even more so, we're inspired by their ability to grow completely untethered in a variety of environments. Our hope is that you'll be inspired to live the same. Enjoy!