Untangled is a lifestyle experience.

A drink for thirsty souls.

A way out of the stuck places.

A reminder of what is possible. 

And a permission slip to rock your life.



Jody McQueary, CPC

As a certified life coach and self-titled worthiness advocate, I help women untangle themselves from the limiting beliefs and deep-rooted fears that are keeping them stuck.

In plant life, you trim back the browning leaves, prune the dead to make room for life. In the Untangled coaching process, I come alongside to help you do the same.

I believe that living things grow and growing things change, and I'm committed to inspiring others towards intentional growth.

Intentional growth is a process of shifting awareness to your thoughts, feelings, and current state of being. In our fast-paced society, our emotional health often takes a backseat when we're working tirelessly to fill all the roles and do all the things for all the people. Adulting can be a beast, and the decision to live untangled is a commitment you make to invest in your most valuable commodity: you. 

 I'd love to come alongside you to help you discover the tools you need for clarity and direction in this season of your life.


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