Living things grow. Growing things change. 


Untangled is a collective of products and programs to encourage intentional growth.

I believe in a holistic approach to wellness: examining mind, body, soul, and home. 

I believe that change requires surrender. And that surrender is impossible without acceptance.

I believe that life is too short to be stuck and tangled up. That unconventional is often the way to go. 

I believe that our external life is a reflection of our internal mind. And that there is nothing in you that needs to be "fixed." Instead, we work to cultivate the beautiful soul that already is.

I believe that our feelings are determined by the thoughts and belief systems we rehearse subconsciously. To disconnect from limiting beliefs, we develop that practice through mindfulness.

I believe that you are beautiful and worthy, exactly as you are. Right here. Right now. 



Fort Worth, TX

I began meeting with Jody in a season of feeling completely overwhelmed with work. I was filled with uncertainty. Not only did Jody bring clarity to what I was feeling, but she gave me practical tools to make decisions moving forward.

I now have a better understanding of how my belief systems, both conscious and unconscious, influence me at work and at home.

Jody created a comfortable, nonjudgemental environment for me to practice vulnerability. I feel confident moving forward, ready to be the truest version of myself.


  • If you're a high performing woman plagued with overhwhelm.

  • If you feel like there must be more in life.

  • If you feel drained and depleted.

  • If you want to reconnect to your purpose and mission in life.

  • If you want more magic and connection in your relationships.

  • If you've worked yourself into burnout.

  • If you struggle with unmet needs.

  • If the word "boundaries" terrifies you.

  • If adulting is getting the best of you.

  • If you feel like a fraud every time you answer the question "how are you?"

  • If you have a difficult time identifying your wants and needs.

  • If you've forgotten to put yourself on your "to do" list for far too long.



St Louis, MO

Working with Jody has been so refreshing. It feels like having a conversation with a lifelong friend. Her questions cause you to pause and really reflect and what your thoughts are. I was challenged to rethink some old mindsets that were stunting my growth in several areas. It's like she pulls off the bandage of negative thoughts so that the wounded area can receive life and air to heal.

coaching with me is KINDA like a standing coffee date ...

(You’re gonna love it!)


(What’s holding you back?)