Working with Jody has been so refreshing and wonderful. Meeting with her each week is like getting together and chatting with an old friend. I enjoy that she asks questios along the way that cause you to pause and really reflect on what your thoughts are. She challenged me to rethink some old mindsets that have stunted growth in so many areas of my life. Since working with her, I have accomplished two goals I had set for myself several years ago but didn’t know how to obtain. Life coaching is like pulling a bandage off of negative thoughts so you can breathe new life and air to areas that need to experience growth and healing.
— Erin; Saint Louis, Missouri
I began meeting with Jody in a season of feeling completely overwhelmed with work and filled with uncertainty. Not only did she help bring clarity to what I was feeling, but she has given me practical tools to make decisions moving forward. I now have a better understanding of how my belief systems, both conscious and unconscious, influence my decision-making not only in my work but also at home.
— Becca; Fort Worth, Texas