Any relationship can benefit by just one person making the choice to do things differently....that person is YOU.

Perhaps you're struggling to communicate boundaries to overbearing family members, or having a difficult time setting boundaries in a relationship at work. Maybe you find yourself on the giving end of most of your friendships, and yet still unsatisfied and resentful at every turn.

In our time together, we will look at the motivation behind your decisions and address the thought patterns that are keeping you stuck.

In the first month of your three month commitment, you'll be asked, individually, to look at the current state of your relationships across the board. The remaining time together will be spent identifying each individual's core values so that you can each align your thoughts and feelings in a way that gets you your desired results: healthy boundaries, effective communication, and the tools you need to manage conflict as it arises.


So you're in what?

In the three month pre-marital coaching program, I will help you take off your rose-colored, love-struck lenses and look realistically at the dynamics of your relationship.

We will have in-depth conversations about your strengths, weaknesses, and personality styles in a way to forecast what conflict might look like in the day-in day-out practice of marriage.

Love is a choice, not a feeling, and as you prepare to make a lifelong commitment to someone, it's important to recognize in advance the obstacles that make "for better or worse" a practice, not an end result.


Perhaps you're floundering about in your first year of marriage wondering what in the world you have done. Or maybe you've been married for a couple decades and don't even recognize the person you wake up next to everyday.

If you've heard the quote, "Marriage is a marathon, not a sprint" then you might be on the right track, but I would argue that it's even more than that. Our time together will be spent navigating the underlying triggers, rituals, and retreat mechanisms that inhibit true intimacy in relationships.

As mentioned before, this is most effective when both people are committed to the process, but the work begins with one. So be bold, and create a cohesive bond that will withstand the common pitfalls of long-term commitments.


If you're considering separation or divorce, this coaching program is for you. Our time will not be spent trying to stitch together the remnants of a shattered life. We will spend a significant amount of time looking at the broken relationship as a catalyst for each individual to receive an  increased level of understanding and responsibility. Before you make the final decision to end your relationship, reconcile your own thoughts, actions, and expectations to ensure that you are healthy enough to even make a decision of this magnitude, and to prevent additional damage and devastation in your relationships to come.