How to Live Intentionally: Questions

Here we are in 2019, and many of you are already exhausted by your long list of resolutions and goals. What I've enjoyed so far this year are the conversations I've had with so many of you who want to shed a longer to do list in order to live this year with more intention and purpose. The question I get most often is "yes...but HOW?"

The coaching process is an interesting one becuase it involves asking so many questions. A lot of women come to me thinking I'm going to be the expert that chimes in on how they should live their lives; when in actualtiy, I consider my primary role to come alongside you as a guide in order to empower you to be the expert on your own life.

After all, who better to dictate your course, define your decisions, or come up with your action plan than you? If you just panicked a little at the responsibility, you are not alone.

We spend so much of our lives being told how we should think, what we should do, where we should go to college, whom we should marry, when we should have kids...the list goes on and on...that we've actually forgotten how to recognize and heed our own intuition.

The first step to living intentionally is to get really familiar with your own voice. I've included a PDF for you to download that will help you ask yourself some self-discovery questions in order to re-aquaint yourself with YOU. Consider intentional living a way of strengthening the relationship you have with yourself. And how do you get to know someone new or someone you haven't seen in awhile? Catch up, ask questions, have the long talks.

What if I told you you've already got everything you need inside you to craft the life you crave. The only pre-requisite is believing it.

I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee, sit down with your favorite journal, and answer some of these questions for yourself.

Cheers to 2019!