I could win an award for being a chronic overachiever. 

Growing up, I hustled for my A's, signed up voluntarily for the hardest classes, and craved gold stars the way most girls clamored over high fashion purses. I could quickly read a room and be exactly what I needed to be in order to make everyone feel more comfortable. 

I spent my young adult years as a self-help junkie, perpetual pleaser, and the only Type A gypsy I knew. 

Once I became a wife and mom, the striving only got worse. I had spent a lifetime priding myself on the fact that I could get "it" right (whatever it was) only to be launched into the ice cold realization that there is no secret formula of success to the stuff that really matters. 

When things got difficult, I'd pour myself into another project. Struggling with motherhood? Let's plan a big party. Stressed out with family? I should clean out my closets. Rough patch in my marriage? I'll start a business.

I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and so disappointed that nothing in my life looked like I thought it would. 

By the grace of God, I was able to find the knot and begin the work and process of untangling, and my passion is helping others do the same.  

I've worked with some women who have struggled for years with the same issue, and others who just woke up one day and realized they didn't recognize the person that they'd become.

This whole thing began a journey to detach from the go-more, do-more, have-more culture. Whether you're a starving artist, a highly motivated hippie, a creative entrepreneur, or a juggling mother,  I'm certain you've found yourself distracted, bogged down, and tangled up in the beautiful mess of life.

I've created the Untangled coaching programs to lead you through a process of self-discovery, to give you the tools you need to craft the life you've longed for. I want you to find your authentic voice. 

As a client, you are making a commitment to find and live your truth. By making this investment in yourself, you will gain clarity, perspective, and the ability to show up, be all in, and live untangled. 

You get to decide what you want your story to look like.

You get to be the hero.

I'm just honored to be the guide.